Typically, when winter hits, us girls all have some instinct that leads us towards the perfection that is the black and gold combo and I’m clearly no exception to this – it’s an excuse to dig out my Jeffrey Campbell nightwalk’s after all, and if I’m honest they really don’t see much daylight! 

Lately my ensembles have been quite overpowered with black, and I’m generally the kind that prefers a bit more colour in my life – but apparently when the summer sun dissipates, so does any form of colour in anyone’s winter palettes. Maybe that has something to do with the excessive amounts of treats we eat this time of year, because you know it’s almost Christmas and it’s fine to have 10 cream cakes in one serving that one time (that one time that just so happens to be five times a week, but it’s ok because it’s Wednesday….) and you know, our ‘New Year’s resolution’ is to sign up to the gym and burn it all off… Excuse me while I go and sob into my tin of Quality Street, all widow-like in my black outfits, mourning the loss of the summer body.

But now, for some sparkly things! And so they return, the essentially ‘vintage’ Zara fur coat that I’ve had since my extremely early teens, along with a wonderfully battered pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Despite the totally ripped up lining, there’s something about it that I just can’t part with, and I just love the way it finishes off a winter party outfit. 

Whilst growing Pretty Little Thing’s website, I noticed they had some serious sparkle going on this season, and I couldn’t resist the 60’s fit of this dress. There’s something so Edie Sedgwick about it – or maybe that’s just me, but I love it even still! For me, fur and sequins are the ultimate NYE look – it’s the best of both worlds, coziness and glamour!

I’ve never been much of a layering person, but this sequin cami from my previous post was the perfect excuse for a time to start and this cute little roll neck from Primark is so perfect for the job. I do love getting dressed up, but when it’s cold outside it’s so easy to prefer not to leave the house and freeze in the name of fashion, which is where a bit of casual and sparkly layering is our savior – the best of both worlds!

Advantages of venture capital

The growth of new small businesses has increased in recent years. New ideas of firms are the choice of young entrepreneurs and some old business houses. And for these investments remain the blood. No matter which phase it is, funds are essential aspects. The fact is that businesses face problems in getting finances for their work. Venture capital is a useful option for them. It means the investors provide money to the one who deserves it. And with that, the entrepreneurs get motivated towards their idea and work.


The primary benefit of these types of funds is they provide and offer to explore. They allow organizations to enter the markets. With no risk of repayment, the unknown players find it interesting. NYCL lending services bring both parties together. They work with the best of skills and try to give the best results. It makes the venture capital a preference over other sources of funds.


Investors not only give their money; they also share the knowledge they possess. No one will ever want to lose the money they invest. The fact is those who invest try the best to gain out of it. From the other side, new start-ups come to know about new things. And such help makes them grow faster. New people in business come with no or less experienced, and the experts help them with data and analysis of years. Technicalities are challenging to understand, and this is where another role of investors comes in.


Venture capital is easy to get, but this does not mean they do not secure it. Often such investors and start-ups are recognized with the authorities. Such a feature provides security to both parties. Be it identities, or safety of investment the regulations and reach are enough.

Finding investors

Earlier it was tough to get an investor for your business. But now things are distinct, and there are lots of investors ready to invest in companies. It makes the venture capital a preferable source of funds. Going for other sources makes it difficult for investors in terms of formalities and repayments.

Best for new business

Looking for banks as a source often requires you to keep something as collateral. Collateral is the major issue with such business. In this scenario, venture capital is the best source as there is no need for collateral and interest.

Understanding Credit Card Processing Fees

New merchants are often overwhelmed after they receive their first bill from a credit card processing company. The long list of mysterious charges will leave you exploited and powerless. However, a little information in understanding your law will go a long way to help you. Go through for more!

In this blog, I have tried to break down credit card processing fees to give you a greater understanding of what you are paying for.

Credit Card Processing Entities

You can breakdown the processing entities into three parts:

Interchange Fees

Assessment Fees

Processing Fees

Interchange Fees

This fee is for the bank or the credit card issuer, and it makes for the vast majority of the entire processing expense. These charges are pre-determined by an issuer, and in no way can be negotiated. They depend on the following factors:

  • Credit Card network; Visa, Amex, etc.
  • Card type: both credit and debit cards have different charges. Moreover, some credit cards can have upcharges like business and reward cards.
  • The method of payment processing also impact the expenses of the transaction; it depends on the chargeback risk factor. Swiping a card has a different rate than entering the card information. Some issuers also distinguish between the online payments and the card-not-present payments.
  • The merchant category code, or MCC, which marks the classification of your business industry is based on a couple of risk factors. Industries of high risk like adult products, gaming, and CBD have significantly elevated rates when compared with other sectors.

Some card issuers make their fees details available publicly. This is even more helpful when you are trying to figure out the validity of the bill. Some issuers don’t make this information available publicly; usually, this indicates higher than usual price.

Assessment Fees

Issuers charge this price, which is why it is not negotiable. These rares are under the discretion of the company, but they depend on a couple of factors like card type, type of transaction, the volume of sales. International operations have high rates.

Processing Fees: Now this is the only negotiable part of your entire bill, and it hoes to the credit card processing company. However, before you attempt to negotiate the prices, you must know how much of your bill contributes to their profit margin.

Types of charges

All the three entities of the bill fall under the following categories:

Transactional: A small fee you pay during each transaction. This is the rate that is advertised to you before you sign up. However, they make up only for a small portion of the actual fee.

Scheduled: This is the regular fee that does not depend on the transaction volume. These charges include fixed acquirer network fee, Merchant location fee, Annual fee, among others.

Incidental: These charges depend on the behaviour of the account and can be avoided. Some ancillary fees include account closure fee, application fee, chargeback fee, among others.

How To Be Successful in Social Media Marketing – With Kevin David

Social Media Marketing Converts Up to 3-Fold Because Millennials ...

As an entrepreneur, you surely read articles about success stories and after that, you will start thinking about how these individuals made it to the top. Well, we are all aware that the competition is really tough in the business industry and you cannot survive without integrating and imposing the best marketing strategies today. This is indeed the reason why many of the most successful entrepreneurs have learned to incorporate social media very well just like what Kevin David does.

In fact, he is just one of the most popular names in the industry and you can be like him, too, if you can only learn how to integrate it into your marketing techniques. This means that as a businessman, you should be able to give your strategies some time to work on the plan and make it happen. Sometimes, you just need to focus because you have invested in this business, so make sure that you will earn from it.

Now, since our entrepreneurs are all into social media marketing, you have to learn about it as well. If these people successfully applied this strategy, then you can do it too. Therefore, you have to open your mind and start dealing with the things that can help you use this as a marketing technique.

Learn how it works

You surely know how to search, right? If you are going to go online, then you can browse a lot of resources, where you can read tips, courses and videos about social media marketing. It would be great to find time doing this so that you can understand how it can help in your business.

This is very important because it is the basic step to your success. It’s because this will be the foundation of your goals. Without understanding this, you may have to make a wrong move. Visit for more information.

Listen to the audience

Through social media, you can hear more from your viewers. Let’s say that you can use this platform effectively for customer service purposes. It means that they will have a place to give their suggestions, ideas, comments and complaints as well. With this, you are showing them importance.

Now, after hearing them out, you are also opening an opportunity to make things better. From the followers, you will be able to get valuable information like campaign strategies.


You have to be consistent when it comes to providing relevant information. You can do this by using automated systems.

For example, you would like to post updates and promotions ahead of time. Now, what you need is to schedule this automatically. What is left for you to do is to interact with them as they respond to the posts.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools | The SEO Platform


There are a lot of platforms that your audience may be using. But with a small and startup business, it is not that effective to be active on all those applications. Therefore, you should only choose the ones that most of your target viewers are actively using because later on, you may widen the area as your business starts to grow.

Here, the basis of using a platform will depend on where the potential customers are comfortable with. You have to adjust and adapt, so that you can reach more viewers. This is also important as far as social media is concerned.


It is not enough to keep on posting on your page and leave. If possible, you have to delightfully engage with the audience. This way, they can be satisfied with your services and will remember your product for this.

The good thing here is, you will be able to find out and talk about the issues and concerns that they are experiencing. Before a problem turns out really bad, you can still find time to control and manage it. At least, you can immediately address the people concerned for this to be resolved fast – check this out to learn how engagement is viewed.

Figure out

To develop an effective campaign, learn to keep track of the result by collecting data. Did the effort pay off? How is the engagement?

Constant testing is needed to be successful. That’s why campaigns can be changed for better results. So, just make sure that you are posting content to the right audience.

¿Qué software de gestion se utiliza mejor para una pequeña empresa?

Una compañía es el éxito de diferentes personas de todos los departamentos, comenzando por un constructor que termina en el official ejecutivo. ¿Quieres convertirte en el mejor CEO? Conozca los consejos para administrar un negocio como un profesional. La planificación y la organización tyke dos claves principales para administrar eficientemente un negocio. Si un gerente carece de al menos una capacidad, dará lugar un desequilibrio de todos los aspectos. Además, la gestión empresarial es la posibilidad de que un gerente atraiga otros profesionales para que trabajen juntos. Una compañía es el éxito de diferentes personas de todos los departamentos, comenzando por un constructor que termina en el official ejecutivo. Si desea recurrir al preliminary consejo, el software de gestion para empresas está disponible hoy en día en supermercados y tiendas en línea. Risks de elegir el adecuado para su industria y empresa, pregunte al vendedor sobre una versión de prueba o demostración gratuita. 

1. Protocolo de seguridad. Si recurre al software de gestion basado en la nube, cualquier usuario obtiene una autenticación dos veces que garantizará la seguridad incluso contra los programmers más obstinados. 

2. Variedad de opciones. Ya ocean una plataforma en línea o una herramienta independiente, un usuario puede encontrar la que cuenta con múltiples funciones y una interfaz fácil de usar. 

3. Movilidad. Una persona puede administrar el negocio mientras viaja. Todo lo que necesita hacer es descargar la aplicación adicional en un teléfono móvil o simplemente iniciar sesión a través de una nube y obtener acceso a todos los datos. 

4. Integración. ¿Todos los empleados solían trabajar con Excel, documentos y todos los datos todavía se almacenan en estos archivos? No es un problema, las herramientas de gestión empresarial permiten integrar dos y más software de gestion existente sin eliminar los archivos. 

Las características más comunes que se encuentran en este software de gestion tyke el seguimiento de la actividad empresarial. Aún así, ¿duda sobre la relevancia del software de gestión empresarial? Verifique los comentarios reales en línea sobre diferentes proveedores. De lo contrario, comuníquese con el software de gestion de ManageMart que puede responder todas sus preguntas relacionadas con su aplicación. Garantizan una prueba de 7 días para experimentar todas las características, y esta compañía fue galardonada dos veces por su software de gestion. En foundation lugar, este tipo de software de gestion no es tan standard, porque las pequeñas y grandes empresas intentan recurrir a funciones multitarea que incluyen contabilidad, gestión de CRM, gestión de individual, pagos en línea juntos.

Understand the Reasons for Investing In Gold


According to most investors, they tend to purchase gold as a direct investment, as a haven or as a hedge. 

Of course, these reasons are the primary ones, and most researches state that the best way to protect you against a market crash is by owning physical commodities of this particular precious metal.

You should have in mind that you can find it in the form of coins, bars when it comes to physical commodity, or you can invest in virtual products based on ETFs that will help you along the way.

Therefore, before you make up your mind, you should research a few things such as how much you have to pay for 1 oz gold coins for sale as well as a historical perspective of its value so that you can determine whether it will be worthwhile or not.

We will help you understand these reasons by providing you thorough information on possibilities that you can make:

  1. Hedge Against Stock Market Crash

If you are new to the investment world, you should know that hedges are investments that will offset losses and provide you the ability to retain the value you gave at first. 

That is why most investors choose gold as the hedge against currency decline, usually the US dollar since it is a worldwide currency that we use for numerous things that surround us.

Since the currency tends to fluctuate based on numerous factors that create higher prices in general as well as higher inflation, that will lead to lowering the buying power of money that you have, which is why you should retain its value by purchasing gold instead.

For instance, the overall price of gold doubled in the period between 2002 and 2007, and it reached the amount of $835 per ounce. However, during that particular period, the value of the dollar fell against the euro for 40%, which was problematic for wealthy people.

During the financial crisis that happened in the world in 2009, investors wanted to find ways to protect themselves against dollar decline that was caused due to two crucial factors.

The first one was when the government launched a quantitative easing program in December 2008, in which they exchanged credit for the bank of Treasuries. 

They created this particular credit from thin air, and that caused concern that increased money supply will create inflation, which will deplete the value of the dollar and raise prices.

The second one was deficit spending that created a high debt-to-GDP ratio, and it reached the critical levels up to 77%, which was highly problematic. That also led to inflation because of the increase in the nation’s debt caused the dollar to decline. 

Fifteen days after the crash, gold prices started to increase, and that is when investors started panicking, they sold everything they had in stocks and bought gold as the best way to preserve wealth.

Even though gold prices lost value after that and rebounded the stock prices, investors moved their money into stocks and used lower prices as the way to gain profit. 

However, people who thought that gold was a sure thing, they have lost their money, since they did not reinvest back into stocks.

  1. Safe Haven

Creating a haven means that you will protect the investors against a potential catastrophe. That is the main reason why investors decided to buy it during the financial crisis. 

Have in mind that value rocketed after the eurozone crisis, and investors were also concerned when it comes to Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act (check this link: to learn more about it) and Obamacare. 

At the same time, some people thought that the USA economy would collapse, and as a result, the prices doubled again.

  1. Direct Investment

In case you wish to profit from increases that are happening due to numerous factors we’ve mentioned above, you can purchase gold as direct investment and take advantage of future increases that may occur.

Others tend to purchase it as a valuable substance that has exceptional durability, and numerous wealthy individuals hold it as a way of protection.

However, we recommend you to avoid buying gold alone as an investment since it can have low valleys and high peaks. Therefore, it is a highly risky chance for average investors, and in the long run, it will not beat inflation.

Paul McCarthy Cork Videos on Vimeo Business

Essential Tips for Creating a Small Business


You probably understand people living in the world in which everyone wants to become his boss and become the next great thing.

The main problem is that people do not have proper understanding of the life of being a CEO, because it is not milk and honey and during the initial years, you will work much more than you would if you were employed by someone else.

Reaching success means that you will have to remain productive even when the worst things happen, and that may be problematic for people that quit as soon as something terrible happens.

Of course, being your boss comes with numerous advantages, but creating something from the very beginning requires breaking sweat much more than you did before. It will mean sleepless nights and fifteen hours of work so that you can get into a positive profit perspective.

Have in mind that more than 75% of startups fail during the first year, so the question is, what did they do wrong? You should visit Vimeo channel from McCarthy Paul in Cork, which will help you answer these questions.

At the same time, you have to understand that only a few types of people are ready for being entrepreneurs, and there is no problem in saying that you are not up to it based on your mental capabilities and nature of functioning.

If you want to run a successful business, you have to be able to take a role, to act in front of others, to be a natural-born leader and assume the leadership that will help you reaches a success.

If these things do not come naturally, you can learn them, but if you do not feel good about it, you should avoid it altogether. We decided to present you crucial points that will help you learn how to become a successful entrepreneur with ease:

  1. Take Chances And Be Ready To Fail

Business is not about safe space and comfort zone, because in most cases, you will need to push it to make it work. 

At the same time, failing at first does not mean that you will not get on your feet, because the facts are stating that it is a necessary step towards gaining more experience as CEO.

Therefore, you have to start thinking that failure is a common thing and normal situation within the business and that fear of failure will prevent you take chances and get more successful as time goes by.

Some risks can only seem like that from your perspective, which is why the worst thing that you should do is to avoid them because there are chances that you will fail. To learn what it takes to be chief executive officer, you should check here. 

Even though some of them will not succeed, and that is something you have to prepare yourself, some of them will and in the future, you will learn how to fill gaps you made by failing.

  1. Networking Is Vital

Even though this term is widely used that it lost its meaning, the main idea is to meet numerous people from your and outside your industry because the more connections you have, the more you worth in the business world and that is a fact you have to remember.

Creating powerful allies within the business industry means that you can protect yourself and bring your business to a position that will require the service of some lawyer you meet.

You should make connections and always keep tabs on people that you met because that way, and you can make sure that you use their services when you’re in need. 

You should ask for advice as well as help them reach their conclusions, which will create a meaningful connection.

You should also keep in touch with them so that you can build your network because that way, your business will have a foundation, which will be much stronger than before. 

If you wish to network properly and efficiently, you should check out this guide:

  1. Understand Your Industry Niche

Numerous startups have reached the points of success by identifying the exact niche that they wish to work with on the market.

Therefore, by implementing an appropriate service based on specific considerations, you will be able to reach the success that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Payday loans online same day

When it occurs the situation of some critical need, online payday loans same day funding will quickly financing you, which will permit you to rapidly eliminate the trouble as well as then quickly to finish the loan without added costs. If one choose a fast payday loans online same day, that are typically taken in a brief time, then often you can simply use the borrowed money in a few hours after payday loan approval by the lender.

An unpredicted car failure, or some home equipment that needs to be repaired, as well as sudden health problem or even injury that needs medical care costs, may call real financial difficulties. Such life situations are time to time knocked your private budget, due to the fact that they mostly cause for an instant expenses.

Same Day Payday Loans

A best same day payday loans are a fast short-term financing, usually for a period of two weeks or one month, which allows one to quickly get a loan to eliminate unexpected difficulties. The most of such financings carries out not requirement for any kind of collateral, but they are attracted up solely on the basis of your personal data, as well as examination of your paying capacity.

Sometimes people deal with sudden incidents that need for extra costs. It can have an effect on everyone, no matter of his social standing and individual qualities. Such cases need quick solving and instant same day payday loans online can assist you to solve your unexpected problems.

Repayment of a payday loans

The date of repayment of short-term payday loans online same day, that commonly is associated along with the day of you salary. A lot more often than not, payday loans allowed you to pay off the loan with no extra fees. Monitor the status of your bank account connected to the loan and refill it in time to avoid late loan payment, various problems and additional fees and other undesirable extra costs.

How to choose the most suitable lender?

In order to get online loans to your next payday, you can use the loan application on our website to receive a pre-decision from different lenders in a few. Now there are hundreds of firms that may lend you a quickly same day payday loans of your urgent needs. Fill all the fields in the form with your personal information and send your loan application. Thanks to this, it becomes achievable to get the most suitable fast cash advance loan in order to eliminate your financial trouble immediately.

Personal data that will be required to get payday loan In any case, significantly less time and data are going to be needed for a fast cash advance loan than when lender administer for collateral loan or usual lends, like a bank loans. In order to provide you a short-term personal funding, it will definitely be required you to deliver evidence of the probability to deal with the lending within a given period with the help of fixed income.

Understanding Long-Term vs Short-Term Marketing Activity And Expectations

In this post, we are going to guide you about short-term marketing activity and long marketing activity and what you can do for expectations.

It is important for any business to outline the expectations for both and actually having targets shorter term which build towards the longer term aim.

This can be split into micro and macro targets. Being able to hit the daily, weekly and monthly goals will drive the motivation and join the pieces to helping the business do what it wants across the quarter, half-year or full year.

You may even have larger more speculative goals over a five to ten year period depending on the size and the nature of the company. Either way, it is about establishing a process

Short-Term Marketing Activity and Expectations

In marketing it is no different to every other area of the business. But with marketing closely related to creativity and creating effective campaigns, they can’t be turned on and off like a tap.

Every business starts from the small. In the beginning, they have temporary goals and objective to achieve that define their future. No business can survive without short-term marketing activities because they keep a business going and making a profit.

If this stop, the business will be dead at all. This is the reason all companies have some short-term activities and expectations they want to achieve in a certain but short time.

It is about balance of doing enough needed in the short term but allowing the time to think and plan ahead with different activities which the results will not be visible immediately.  If there is not an understanding of this, then you are fighting a losing battle from day one. You can’t have it both ways unless your resources are bottomless.

It is similar to an investment. You only put in what you can afford to be without. If you company puts money into buy a website visitor tracking software to help the marketing and sales team, it can look at the return on investment over a period to decide if it has been successful.

Achieving Short Term Marketing Expectations

When it comes to achieving short term marketing expectations and success, you can use the following tricks and methods.

1. Reduce Pricing

Every business keeps the prices in start low. They want to attract customers and retain them for the long period. Even many brands start free services. Uber is an example how it started free promotions and offered rides to passengers.

2. Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns are considered effective when it comes to getting short term results. They are attractive and make a business more visible in a short time. Most of the brands use PPC campaigns for their short-term success.

3. Social Media

With social media, many brands have achieved success. They started without any offices but were present on social sites and they managed to win customers as well as their trust. These sites are really effective for getting better results in a short time.

Long Term Marketing Activity and Expectations

Similarly, all brands have long term plan and goals. Branding is something which is built on reputation and can;t be established in a short term. But it’s power in the years to come could become absolutely phenomenal. Something without tangible value.

For this they continue to work along with short term goals. Many only work on long term marketing plans because they have patience and trust in their products or services. This is what makes a business sustainable for years. Every business must create long term plans for the years to come and work hard to achieve the expectations.

Achieving Long Term Marketing Expectations

When it comes to achieving long term plans and goals, you need policies and campaigns. What makes long term plans and how they can be successful is discussed below.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing activity that aims to increase the brand sales, services, exposure, get more customers and make more profit. SEO is a very comprehensive and lengthy process that takes at least a year to achieve some results. All good brands have strong SEO and they have retained their top rankings in Google. This makes them get regular customers.

2. Content Publishing

In long term plans, content does work. Without great quality content, no brands can survive and make progress. There are many ways to create and publish content. Visual as well as posts are created and shared as guest posts, blogs, infographics as well as Press Releases and reports. Content offers best results if you don’t compromise on its quality and always follow the rules and consider customers.

Better Opportunities As Per Your Deals


Managing a business involves great responsibilities, and nothing can be left to chance. It is a function that involves risks and, above all, a lot of work. For this reason, there are some tips that must be followed to achieve   efficient business management.

Follow strategies and plans

As stated above, you cannot manage a business by leaving things at random. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy that defines the objectives of the organization. Also, the administrator must be aware that he cannot cover everything, so he will have to focus and give up some sectors of the market.

This strategy should be reviewed periodically, especially if at some point the company suffers significant losses. Equally relevant is to study what happens in the market, because there may be ways to attract new customers and improve in some aspects. Above all, we must contemplate in the budget any new strategy that enters into the future plans of the organization. The Individual business ideas are there within the fabric.

On the other hand, and to be able to put into practice the tactical line of the company, it will be necessary to have a plan. Making a calendar by setting a date for the various tasks will help to meet deadlines and business management is optimal.

Make an efficient hiring of personnel

When hiring new workers, you must first be clear about what functions you want to grant them. In this way, it will be possible to decide which aspects will be valued in the selection process, since it is fundamental that the chosen candidate understands what his tasks will be and how he will have to perform them.

It is also necessary to consider the qualification of the candidates in the sector where the company is moving. A well-trained team will have a better performance and, in the medium and long term, it will bring a good financial result.

Remember that employees are people

Very important: always keep in mind that workers are not machines. They need their breaks, feel motivated and perform professionally in their job. Therefore, an efficient company should have this human aspect that will take its maximum potential from its employees. In addition, disgruntled workers tend to look for new opportunities and this generates staff turnover, something that does not help the good functioning of the company.

You have to delegate

Sometimes, the manager tends to think that it is essential, that he is needed in all the tasks of the company. The reality is that its function is to plan, direct and organize, in addition to controlling the results, but it cannot do everything by itself. Therefore, you will have to have a team of trained professionals in which to delegate some functions.

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